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We provide online development resources to enable our client's dream to become a reality. With robust development platforms we implement technological advantages that allow our clients to beat their competition consistently with quality client contact, informative products and effective services. The solutions we offer are in three main disciplines: Online Development, Brand Delivery and Marketing Services.
Online Development. We build online and offline applications using the following technologies proficiently: asp, .NET, php, cgi, perl, VB and C++ programming languages. Database design maintenance and reporting services give you the exact data you need when you need it. Web site template integration with CMS (content management system), scripting, Web design and logo creation, domain hosting, sales and ad copy writing and editing. If it's done online, we've done it.

Brand Delivery. Get noticed and ranked! We provide Web site search engine optimization, search engine submission, raw Web site traffic and targeted pay per click advertising campaign management. With years of experience with complex Web site traffic redirection, we manage a network of 150+ advertising and marketing Web sites serving millions of visitors to our clients and their customers daily. Getting the right customers to your Web site, prompting them to take action, retaining clients and nurturing them to commit to a long term relationship with you is what we can do for you and your company.
Marketing Services. Prospect, lead and client follow up systems, shopping carts, online payment solutions, automation of processes, instant download solutions and advertisement ad tracking  allow you to see who is interested in which of your offerings and allows them to easily pay you for products and services. Funds are deposited directly into your merchant bank accounts.

Helping clients to build their online presence is what we do best. Contact us today for an analysis of your online processes.

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