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Email Advertising

Email advertising and email marketing that sends your exclusive email message to over 150,000+ opt-in leads daily. Also you can reach millions of people who want to learn about your website and it's products and services! send your exclusive email message and get online sales results today!! if you want to send emails to targeted opt-in email recipients we can provide that too.

We are the quickest, safest and most cost effective way to distribute your advertisement via email marketing to consumers and business opportunity seekers. Whether you want to announce a new web site, get the word out about your product or service or just inform people about your company, safe announce will do the job! we will distribute your email advertisement to over 150,000+ consumers and business opportunity people that have opted-in and who want to read your email message and announcement about your product and/or service.

  • Announce your exclusive email advertisement of up to one full page to our opt-in databases of over 150,000+ email recipients.
  • Send your advertisement to our safe opt-in emailing list as well as approximately 6000 other affiliate opt-in safe emailing lists which allow advertisement submissions. your message will reach well over 150,000+ email recipients.
  • All subscribers in the emailing lists have personally requested to be on the lists. all lists are double opt-in so you can be assured you are not spamming anyone.
  • All emails are always delivered as individual exclusive, stand alone messages. your email message is easily seen and read. your email marketing message is never bundled with other email ads.
  • All email recipients in our safe opt-in lists have specifically signed-up to receive announcements about new products, new services and new web sites.
  • Some companies charge several hundred dollars or more to email a few thousand emails to a list of people and they call it "email marketing". this is essentially spamming other people with unsolicited emails! using those so called email marketing services, will cause you to inevitably encounter problems and complaints with your internet service provider and could even cause your web site to get shut down! With our system that will not happen, we guarantee it. You will not receive any complaints or accusations of sending unsolicited email. With our safe lists the people expect to receive emails from different companies! safe announce has redefined the meaning of email marketing.
  • Direct 150,000+ people to your web site by placing your web site url link inside your email message. no need to give out your email address unless you want to.

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