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Managed Campaigns

We actively manage ou client's Overture and Google AdWords accounts to maximize their advertising dollars and boosting sales. This allows you to focus on taking care of your clients and new orders while we focus on bringing them to you each and every day.

Managed Search Engine Placement, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, allows any business the opportunity to buy first page placement with major search engines such as: Yahoo!, Google, MSN, AOL, Lycos, AltaVista, HotBot and 1000's of additional partners they syndicate with. Currently over 100,000 companies are taking advantage of the targeted leads provided through this method of advertising. Why aren't you?

There is no better way to drive the right people to your website to purchase your products and services.

Here is my proof: How did you find

Leading search engines like Overture and Google provide a means to advertise on their sites with a complex, self-service marketplace that enables businesses to create and manage campaigns online to drive the right customers to their websites. Professional account setup and account management are crucial to the successes of these companies (your company) and that is what we do. We set up your campaigns carefully and monitor their progress daily to maximize your advertising dollars.

To find out if Managed Search Engine Placement is right for your business, please contact our experienced courteous staff members today.

Research proves that Pay-Per Click listings deliver bottom line results.

Jupiter Media Metrix, a leading research and analysis company, recently conducted two studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of Overture's Pay-For-Performance™ search model.

"Jupiter believes the paid search model succeeds precisely because consumers find relevant listings, advertisers only pay for qualified traffic, and the interests of the publisher are allied with both of those constituencies."

Jupiter published analysis on the following topics:

How Consumers Search for Products Online

"Paid search placement...has proved itself one of the more successful online advertising models, capitalizing on the alignment of consumer need and advertiser interest."


Search Listings Outperform Banner Ads and Tiles.

A study conducted by NPD Group, a research group specializing in consumer purchasing and behavior, tested the impact of search listings, banner ads and tiles across a variety of sites (both branded and unbranded) to determine which was most effective. In every situation, search listings came out on top.

NPD published analysis on the following topics:

Search listings drive the highest awareness for a site.


Search listings rank significantly higher in likelihood to read or click.


Sites listed in search listings are considered more favorable than those in banners and tiles.


Consumers are five times more likely to purchase products after seeing search listings versus banners.

If you have a Web site and people can't find it, contact today to setup and manage your sponsored search campaign. 


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