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Sales/Ad Copy Writing

Effective Sales/Ad Copy Writing creates persuasive and powerful emotions that increase sales. Your website content needs to be intriguing to your prospect and lead them to the next step in your sales cycle. Many sites have hundreds and thousands of visitors that simply leave without you ever knowing it, a lost opportunity for you. Research shows that effective content writing and managment converts visitors into sales.

SolutionsApplied takes your website content to the next level and draws people into the sale. We start off by understanding your sales process work and then we design your Web site content to match your customersí buying habits and needs. This synergy between the your Web site broadens the net you cast upon your visitors and increases the conversion ratios and sales. It makes them think "This is exaactly what I wanted".

The user experiences goes well beyond words and design when visiting your Web site. They experience an overall impression of you and your company as they interact with your brand on every level. They formulate conclusions rapidly regarding your company and how it does business simply by reading your Website. Does your Web Site accturatlyry portray the way your treat your prospects and clients? Success in good content requires engaging, value laden headlines, information structure, well articulated offers, calls to take actions and psychological triggers.

In many cases it's necessary to re-categorize your corporate information to make it as easy to understand and user-centric as possible. Unfortunately and more often than not company insiders are too close to the information to correctly guage which message is important to the visitor and what will guide them in their decision making processes.

Our process for creating effective copy emphasizes tangible results over creativity and sales over seo cleverness. Our goal is to make your sales process appear to be closely matched with your customerís buying process, this will resonate with your visitors. By focusing on the benefits-value messages with structure and layout to display clarity and define value, we can create an impression that can dramatically increase sales.

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